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My Favorite Korean Romantic Comedy Movies

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          I've always been a big fan of korean romantic comedy films. I started watching korean movies , I think when I was on my first year in high school  \(*O*)/. Well, this is somehow my list of what I think into standard of my taste and categories of what is the best of the best out there, so grab a box of tissue and get ready to bust a gut with the 10 best Korean romantic comedies. Just like in American romantic comedies, the best korean romantic comedies have a tendency to be a bit formulaic, but despite their predictability, the 10 best Korean romantic comedies are filled with adorably quirky characters and heart wrenching story lines that will have you wiping your eyes and blowing your nose before the movie is over.

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1. A Moment to Remember ( Nae meorisokui jiwoogae )


A heart broken girl probably would like get the bitter past erased, but what if it happened on a 27 years old woman. In A Moment to Remember, the young couple Sui Jin and Cheol-soo struggled in combat with the fatal Alzheimer which was ruining their marriage step by step. Cheol-soo could save Sin Jin from a bitter past, but who could be their savior in flight with losing the memories, love and life? Betrayed by the married man, Sui Jin left the tickets at the train station. When she came across a build laborer Cheol-soo at the gate of a shop, she had his cola, without knowing his name and the future that he was her real soul mate.

The relationship between memory and love has been deeply explored and examined in this love story which makes it a bitter one. However, if you have already bored with Korean tear jerker, you will be surprised and moved by the depicting of touching moments in the couples daily life. The movie is brilliant in building a perfect marriage life between two young Korean couples that any Asian girl would have dreamed of. The story touches your heart by the little sweet and exciting details of how they fall in love and the happy marriage.

On a summer night, at an outdoor stand of a vendor, when Sin Jin took off a cup of strong hot Korean wine, Chelo-soo sealed her mouth by kiss. Their relationship started. Although born in a low class family, Chelo-soo was a charming guy to well educated Sui Jin. He palyed a tricky poker game and won her sweet kiss.Having finished the examination of architect, he in her handmade suits walked out of the building, she, waiting for him for a whole day, smilied sweetly at him "Did I asked you not waiting for me?" Even waiting seemed wonderful to a woman in love. After they get married, one time she hadn't remebered the boiling water until she walked out of the bathroom after showering and ran to turn off it. But Cheol-soo didn't blame it on her. He smiled and unsnapped her bathrobe to check if she had finished bathing cleanly. Sui Jin was as shy as a little girl. He loves her tenderly. Soon he purchased a set of new furnitures to her in order to prevent her from hurting by cooking. Moreover the virtue of self sacrifice driven by the unconditional love is fully showed in the figures. When Sui Jin was informed of the disease, she kept it a sceret and only released her pressure and suffering in the cry at the toilet. One day he hugs her in arms having a nap. She finally asked him that, what about if she quited the job, had a baby and became a housewife. He was a little bit surprised, but he happily agreed. When he was forced to play the joker game again, she cried out and left the couch. The game had not changed, neither did he. But she was going to forget all of these. "Why did you tell her the turth!"Question at the doctor, Cheol-soo finally found out the cruel fact of his adorable wife.Their marriage was tested by the disease which is eating her memories. When he was leaving for work, she called her ex-boyfriend's name Seo Yeong-min and said, I love you. He replied, me too. Closed the door, he cried out. Who does she really love? When the memories were erased, would love also disappear? He was ashamed of his doubt when he read the confession letter left by Sui Jin on the table. In a short time of gaining back sane memory, she wrote the letter and left the family.

In the end, he visited her in a hospital and brought her back to the Familymart shop where all her families and friends loving her showed up. She asked him, Is it the paradise? Chelo-soo drove her on the way heading to the sun.

After watching this, probably even peaple who are torturing by being disappointed in love, would not erase the memories. Although the memories are past, they were our life and love. (By AmyLoa)


2. Wind Struck   ( Nae yeojachingureul sogae habnida )

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The film stars Jun Ji-hyun as Officer Yeo Kyung-jin, an ambitious young female police officer serving on the Seoul police department. One day while chasing a purse snatcher, she accidentally captures Go Myung-woo (played by Jang Hyuk), a physics teacher at an all-girls school, who was actually trying to catch the thief. Later, Myung-woo discovers the stolen purse, but just as he picks it up, Kyung-jin spots him and tries to arrest him again. Kyung-jin is then given the job of escorting Myung-woo through a dangerous district, only to be distracted when she tries to break up a meeting between Russian Mafia and Korean gangsters. With Myung-woo handcuffed to her, Kyung-jin almost single-handedly brings down the two rival gangs (although she is helped when she accidentally causes the groups to start shooting at each other).
The first half of the film, told from Myung-woo's point of view, details the couple's growing attraction and love for each other, which climaxes with a trip to the countryside where Myung-woo tells Kyung-jin that if he were ever to die, he wanted to come back to earth as the wind. Soon after, he is almost killed in a freak automobile accident, but Kyung-jin saves his life.
The film takes a turn into the fantasy genre in its second half after Myung-woo is accidentally shot and killed by another officer (although the situation is such that Kyung-jin thinks that it was her shot that killed him) as Kyung-jin chases after a criminal. Kyung-jin falls into a suicidal depression over his death and attempts to kill herself several times, almost succeeding when she throws herself off a building, only to be saved when a giant balloon floats under her. Soon after, she experiences visitations from Myung-woo, who appears as the wind, sending her messages and, at one point, he even appears in her dreams in order to give her the will to live after she is nearly shot to death by a criminal.
Ultimately the film follows a similar path set out by the American film Ghost with Myung-woo and Kyung-jin communicating and sharing one final gesture of love before he moves on to the afterlife. Myung-woo said that he will whisper, when she hears him whisper in the wind, she will meet someone with a soul like him. Myung-woo told Kyung-jin that he will always be beside her inside a book with a photo left by Myung-woo in the restaurant before he rushed to meet Kyung-jin who was chasing the insane criminal.
In the first half of the film, Myung-woo told that his only memory of high school was his high school trip. The book and the photo is found and returned to Kyung-jin in the police station. The photo showed that on Myung-woo's trip, Kyung-jin was nearby. This proved Myung-woo's "I'm always beside you" was true to Kyung-jin. Kyung-jin rushed out to locate the finder of the book, ultimately ending up in the train station, where she is saved by Cha Tae-Hyun's character (credited as The Guy). Myung-woo whispered that The Guy is the one with the soul like him. Kyung-jin whispers that "he is always beside her."

3.  Spellbound   ( Ossakhan Yeonae )

  • Son Ye-jin - Kang Yeo-ri
  • Lee Min-ki - Ma Jo-goo
  • Park Cheol-min - Pil-dong
  • Kim Hyun-sook - Min-jung
  • Lee Mi-do - Yoo-jin
  • Yoon Ji-min - Seon-woo
  • Lee Hyun-jin - Ki-woo
  • Hwang Seung-eon - Lee Joo-hee
  • Uhm Tae-goo - magic show producer


Jo-goo, a street magician (Lee Min-ki), notices a miserable looking girl, Yeo-ri (Son Ye-jin), in the audience during one of his performances, and she winds up being the inspiration for his “Horror magic show.” The show became a runaway success almost overnight and Jo-goo in turn, is now a successful stage magician with a model girlfriend. Yeo-ri works for Jo-goo, playing the specter in his show. Forward to almost a year later, the darkness inside her, something her fellow colleagues sense, keeps her from truly connecting with them. When Jo-goo’s attempt to include Yeo-ri in a staff dinner finally succeeds, hilarious disaster ensues when she ends up blindingly drunk. Jo-goo calls Yeo-ri the next morning to sort things out, but when the phone disconnects with a weird sound, he decided to drop by her place for a visit instead. There, Jo-goo met and engages in a game of hide-and-seek with a ghost child, which then scared the bejesus out of him later that night. As the two of them spent more time together, developing a fast friendship, Yeo-ri confesses the long story behind her gray, wan face.
Yeo-ri acquired an 'unwanted' ability to see the dead ever since she survived a high school automobile accident. She not only sees dead people, but these 'dead people' also appear in her life on a regular basis. In particular, the vengeful ghost of her best friend Joo-hee, who died during that automobile incident, follows her everywhere scaring people around her relentlessly. Yeo-ri eventually ended up leading a solitary life, even her family fled the country and left her behind. She sleeps in a tent in her living room, speaks to a friend sometimes and only through the phone, resigning herself to the idea that her solitary life is best in the grand scheme of things.
During the course of Jo-goo’s failed attempts to find his lonely friend Yeo-ri a boyfriend, the pair starts to develop feelings for each other. And though Jo-goo is sometimes scared witless himself, he loves Yeo-ri enough to overcome his fear. Joo-hee, consumed by jealousy, becomes a threat during the show, prompting Yeo-ri to head off to join her family in order to protect Jo-goo from herself and the ghost. Is getting away going to be that easy, or does Joo-hee have more tricks up her sleeves?

 4. Baby and I    ( Agiwa Na )



Baby and I is the story of a high school student (Han Joon Su) who is a troublemaker. He always quarrels with his parents and does not obey them. One day his parents are sick of his bad behavior and run away from home. Despite his parents having runaway, he is not embarrassed. Rather he is happy that he is free. He goes shopping for a party with his friends in his empty house. When he buys something and comes back to his cart, there was a baby with a letter: It would be better to have this baby be raised by Joon Su. The baby’s name was written on the letter, Han Woo Ram. From this time, he has no choice but act as the baby's father. He brings the baby to school and his part time job. Finally, he is suspended from school due to the baby. In addition, he has no money, so he steals powdered formula for the baby. At last, he goes around begging women for milk. Fortunately, his parents come back home and take care of the baby instead of Joon Su. It turned out the baby’s real father was Joon Su’s friend, and the friend was to have his baby adopted. However, Joon Su could not send the baby to another person and Joon Su and his friend raise the baby together.


5. 200 Pounds Beauty      ( MInyeoneun Goerowo )


  • Kim Ah-joong as Kang Han-na / Jenny
  • Joo Jin-mo as Han Sang-jun
  • Ji Seo-yoon as Amy
  • Kim Hyun-sook as Park Jung-min
  • Im Hyun-shik as Han-na's father
  • Sung Dong-il as record company executive
  • Lee Han-wi as plastic surgeon Lee Kong-hak
  • Park No-shik as Jenny's fan
  • Lee Beom-soo as taxi driver (cameo)
  • Kim Yong-gun as record company CEO (cameo)
  • Lee Won-jong as fortune teller (cameo)
  • Ryu Seung-soo as traffic officer (cameo)


Han-na is an overweight phone sex employee and a ghost singer for Amy, a famous pop singer who actually lip syncs. Instead of being famous for her own amazing vocal talent, Han-na hides behind Amy's performance stage and sings during Amy's concerts, and records all of Amy's songs. One day, Amy ungratefully humiliates her in front of the music company's director Sang-jun during his birthday party, knowing full well that Han-na has a crush on him. While crying in the bathroom, Han-na overhears Sang-jun telling Amy that even though they are just using Han-na for her voice, they must be kind to her so she will not walk out on them. Heartbroken, Han-na attempts suicide but is interrupted by a phone call from one of her phone sex regulars who happens to be a top plastic surgeon. She decides to get head-to-toe plastic surgery instead. The surgeon at first refuses to operate on Han-na, but Han-na threatens to blackmail the surgeon by telling his wife about his calls. Then, Han-na makes a moving speech that she does not want to undergo surgery merely to be beautiful, but for the sake of love and as a boost in confidence so that she can live a life, and the surgeon is deeply moved. Han-na puts herself in seclusion for a year as she recovers from the changes.
When she comes back from the hospital, Han-na is incredibly beautiful and slender. Not even her best friend Jung-min recognizes her. With Jung-min's help, she creates a new identity for herself; she is now a Korean-American from California named Jenny. After auditioning to be Amy's secret vocalist again, she earns her own recording contract instead from Sang-jun, claiming that she is "all-natural". In the meantime, Amy, oblivious just like everyone else of Han-na's new identity, desperately tries to find Han-na so that she can record her own postponed album (since she cannot sing the songs herself) by spending time with Han-na's father who is in a hospital due to mental problems, possibly Alzheimer's. Meanwhile, romance begins to blossom between Jenny and Sang-jun, as he continues to promote Jenny, in effect boosting Han-na's confidence in her new self. However, Amy, through spending time with Han-na's father and Jenny, eventually realizes that this Jenny is actually Han-na in disguise.
During a date one night, Jenny refuses Sang-jun's advances, as the surgeon mentions that if he touches her breasts, he will immediately know they are fake. She instead offers a phone sex session. After Jenny has fallen asleep, he sees the African character Jenny had drawn on the glass and realizes that he had seen it before; Han-na had drawn exactly the same signs on a sheet of music. He then realizes as well that Jenny is actually Han-nam but he keeps this information to himself.
Jenny's debut single "Maria" becomes a hit and the recording company holds a party to celebrate its release. On the day of the party however, Amy brings Han-na's father in an attempt to blow her cover. Han-na's father tries to return Han-na's Barbie doll to her, which had always been Han-na's favorite childhood gift from him. Startled by the sudden appearance of her father and not knowing how to react in front of all the people, including Sang-jun, Han-na denies knowing her father and calls him a fan instead when Sang-jun asks her if the old man is her guest. As her father keeps insisting on giving her the doll, Sang-jun drags him away from Jenny knocks him down onto the floor. Desperate to keep her true identity a secret, Han-na makes no move to help her father. It is Jung-min who finally helps him up, casts Jenny a furious look and leads Han-na's father away from the party.
After the party, Sang-jun and Jenny are the only ones left in the room. Sang-jun reveals to Jenny that he knows her true identity but is now cold and distant. He seems unable to forgive her for lying to him but says that he will still work to promote Jenny and carry on with her concert scheduled the next day. Han-na breaks down at this point, heartbroken and unable to pretend to be someone else anymore. She tears down the posters and smashes her CDs that are placed on a table, cutting her fingers in the process. Han-na tells him that it is incredibly frustrating and painful not being able to just be herself but have to live a lie, especially in front of him. The surgery that took a whole year to recover from was not nearly as painful as realizing that she still could not be close to Sang-jun. As Sang-jun tries to comfort her, she brushes away his efforts saying, "You broke my heart. Tissue paper cannot fix it."
Sang-jun still insists on continuing with Jenny's first concert, despite protests from the company boss. Later, he encourages a distraught Jenny to do this concert, not for the sake of the fans or the company but for herself, thus implying that he has forgiven her and will continue to support her. At the concert, Jenny can't sing and later breaks down from the pressure of seeing her father being dragged away by security and tells everybody to stop. She then reveals to the public that Jenny is a "fake," and that she is not "all-natural", as she had claimed. She proceeds tearfully to tell the large crowd her story: how she has abandoned everything that is dear to her - her best friend and father - to get to where she is. She also tells the crowd about how on the way to fame and fortune she has also lost her own identity and that she now no longer knows who she is. Sang-jun plays a tape of the old, obese Han-na, singing. Han-na turns around and sees her old image on the screen and tells the crowd that the image is the real her. The crowd, moved by her sincere confession, responds by chanting "It's okay," and Han-na rekindles her relationships with her father and best friend. She drops the stage name Jenny and re-releases a CD with her own name, Han-na, and becomes a highly successful music artist, gaining many fans and anti-fans along the way. Sang-jun realizes the very thing about Han-na that had always drawn him to her was Han-na's innocence.
At the end of the film, Jung-min also asks to get a head-to-toe plastic surgery.

6. My Sassy Girl


  • Cha Tae-hyun as Gyun-woo
  • Jun Ji-hyun as The Girl
  • Kim In-moon as Gyun-woo's father
  • Song Ok-sook as Gyun-woo's mother
  • Han Jin-hee as The Girl's father
  • Yang Geum-seok as Gyun-woo's aunt


The film tells the story of a male college student, Gyeon-woo (Cha Tae-Hyun), and the Girl (Jun Ji-hyun) who is never named in the movie. Gyeon-woo just cannot seem to catch a romantic break. His prospects are so pathetic that even his mother tries to help, telling him to visit his aunt for two reasons. Firstly, because Gyeon-woo reminds his aunt of her son who drowned recently; secondly, because there is a girl his aunt wants to introduce him to. Gyeon-woo repeatedly puts off going to see his aunt.

The movie begins with Gyeon-woo on top of a mountain, speaking wistfully about a girl he knew two years ago that had buried a time capsule with him on that mountain. She had never returned like she'd promised. Next, one sees Gyeon-woo at a photo studio, having his passport photo taken. He is called by his aunt so that she can finally introduce him to the girl she's been trying to set him up with. The movie then flashes back to the past.

At dinner, Gyeon-woo is interrupted by a call from his mother, telling him to visit his aunt and meet a potential date. He refuses and continues to eat with his friends. At the train station on his way to his aunt's, he observes a girl, drunk, standing precariously close to the edge of the train platform as the train approaches; he pulls her to safety just in time. Inside the train, Gyeon-woo cannot help but stare at the girl wavering back and forth. He is slightly attracted to her but repulsed by her drunkenness. Finally, she throws up on a passenger and faints but not before she calls Gyeon-woo "honey". The passenger aggressively chides Gyeon-woo and tells him to take care of his girlfriend. Gyeon-woo, completely flustered, carries her all the way to the nearest hotel. While he is showering, her cell phone rings. Stark naked, he runs out to answer it and informs the caller of their location. Just as Gyeon-woo realizes there are no towels in the shower, a pair of women police officers burst into the room and arrest him.

After getting out of jail where he was bullied by gangsters he goes home. His mother beats him with a vacuum cleaner for not turning up at his aunt's and there is a brief flashback of his lifetime failings as a student. He receives a call from the Girl demanding he meet her and explain why he was naked in bed with her. The Girl's dominating and demanding tone during the telephone call establishes her typical posture as a xanthippe, an attitude she maintains throughout the film. Both at the takeaway joint and at the bar to which she drags him she tells him to order, criticizes his choices and then tells him what to order. Over soju she cries, admits to breaking up with her boyfriend the day before and gets thoroughly drunk, resulting in a second trip to the same hotel.

After this second overnight stay at the hotel, she begins to become a more active part of his life. She visits Gyeon-woo in school and pulls him out of class, telling the teacher that Gyeon-woo is the father of her soon-to-be-aborted baby. The Girl's mood swings wildly from joyful to downright violent, but Gyeon-woo puts up with it and lets her abuse him for her amusement.

She is an aspiring scriptwriter and throughout the movie gives Gyeon-woo three different screenplays from different genres. The first is an action movieThe Demolition Terminatorwhich switches gender roles, symbolically having the Girl save her helpless lover (Gyeon-woo). The second is a wild perversion of a Korean short storySonagiin which the Girl, having died, asks that her lover be buried along with hereven though he's still alive. The resulting situation is quite humorous. The last is a wuxia/samurai movie spoof full of genre clichés and anachronisms. All three feature the same common thread: the Girl is from the future.

Despite all the horrible things Gyeon-woo endures, he is determined to help cure the girl's pain. In one scene, he decides to surprise her for her birthday and takes her on a nighttime trip to an amusement park which ends up quite differently than how he planned: The pair encounter an AWOL soldier who holds them hostage and rants about his misery. Gyeon-woo convinces him to release her, and she in turn convinces the soldier to free Gyeon-woo and go on with his life. Throughout the first half of the movie she is resolute in her pain, dishing it out in plenty. As the second half comes around, however, she begins to change: she shows vulnerability.

The second - more dramatic - half of the movie begins with the Girl waiting for Gyeon-woo after class. They are walking through the university campus when she suddenly complains about the pain caused by her high-heels and convinces Gyeon-woo to switch shoes with her. Overjoyed, she tells him to chase her, which he does wearing her high heels. It starts raining and they return to her home. At her house Gyeon-woo overhears an impassioned argument between the girl and her mother over her relationship with him. He does not hear from her for quite some time and his life without her begins.

However, one day she calls him and tells him to bring her a rose during class to commemorate their 100th-day anniversary. He does this, leading to a touching and romantic scene where he arrives in disguise and is about to leave the packed auditorium but is led to the front by the beautiful melody of George Winston's variations on Pachelbel's Canon in D. The Girl is onstage playing a piano in front of an audience of her all-female classmates who applaud in approval at his romantic gesture - a similar gesture, the viewer is later informed, was performed by her previous boyfriend. As the night further unfolds he is confronted at her house by her parents. Her father is naturally infuriated that she is drunk again and demands a break-up.

Time passes and one day the Girl calls Gyeon-woo to meet her for dinner. When he arrives he is surprised to see her with a date. The Girl introduces Gyeon-woo to him as "her friend." During dinner, the Girl leaves the table briefly, leaving Gyeon-woo and her date by themselves. Gyeon-woo candidly offers advice on how to ensure her happiness by following ten rules. He devised his rules from considerable pain, dedication and devotion to the Girl. When she returns her date begins to explain the rules. It is at this point that she realizes just how well Gyeon-woo understands and cares for her. She abruptly leaves her date and searches for Gyeon-woo. Once reunited the two realise they are at a turning point in their relationship.

They travel to a mountain in the countryside where she unveils a time capsule. During the previous night the couple wrote their true feelings in letters which the Girl says will be buried next to a particular tree on the mountain. They agree to meet again at the tree after two years to read the letters together. After burying the time capsule they go their separate ways.

During the two year span, Gyeon-woo works hard to improve himself in many ways, even writing My Sassy Girl which someone has bought the movie rights to, an event he eagerly anticipates telling the Girl about. When the agreed upon date arrives, he travels to the mountain but the Girl does not show up. Eventually, he opens the time capsule and reads her letter and learns the root of her angst and behavior: Gyeon-woo reminds her of her previous boyfriend who, rather than breaking up with her, actually died before she met Gyeon-woo. All through the time the Girl and Gyeon-woo were seeing each other she had been seeing her dead boyfriend's mother, who wants to introduce her to a nice young man.

A year after Gyeon-woo visits the tree, the Girl finally arrives. Sitting under the tree is an old man. During their conversation the old man reveals the secret of the tree, that it is not the same tree; the original tree had been struck and killed by lightning a year before and a similar tree had been planted by a young man so that someone special wasn't sad, and that he has read the letters. The Girl says she had hoped that destiny would bring the couple together during the two years. As the girl begins to read the letter, she sees a UFO (time machine) flying away. This lead her to believe that the old man was Gyeon-woo from the future.The Girl then tries to call Gyeon-woo repeatedly, but she was informed that number is either changed or doesn't exist.

The film then cuts to Gyeon-woo entering a subway station, wearing the same suit he was wearing at the beginning of the movie. The flashback has ended and continuity is resumed from right after Gyeon-woo leaves the photo-studio. Gyeon-woo is caught outside the shutting doors of a train, presumably ignorant at first of the Girl's presence on the train but after a few seconds of staring he seems to realise whom it is he sees from behind. As the train pulls out he runs along but has to give up.

At lunch with her deceased boyfriend's mother after a year-and-a-half, the Girl is surprised to hear a familiar voice apologize for his lateness. The mother introduces her nephew Gyeon-woo, whom she has been trying to introduce to the Girl for years. The mother, who is Gyeon-woo's aunt, tells the Girl to go out with him, hoping that he could make life easier for her. She then tells Gyeon-woo that the Girl can give advice to him about his impending trip to England, to which he replies, "I don't have to go anymore." The pair hold hands under the table and the Girl says she thinks she met a man from the future (Gyeon-woo's future self). The final shot flashes back to the anniversary scene, where the pair show their ID while entering a bar in school uniforms.

7. A Millionaire's First Love  ( Baekmanjangja-ui cheot-sarang )




Kang Jae-kyung (Hyun Bin) is your typical rich kid. He’s arrogant, drives sporty cars, attends the big clubs and rides through school corridors on his motorcycle. As his 18th birthday approaches he’s set to inherit his grandfather’s fortune, but first Jae-kyung is required to transfer to a new school in Gangwon Province and graduate. Until then all access to his penthouse, cottage and credit cards is denied. Should he fail to graduate or drop out then he loses everything. If he wishes to give up he'll only get 0.1% of his over-all inheritance. With little choice he heads out to the countryside and a small town in which daily life is far removed from what he’s used to.
Shortly after settling into his new home he meets 19 year-old Choi Eun-whan (Lee Yeon-hee), who just happened to run into him back in Seoul. They don’t exactly hit it off; he’s far too stubborn and cool for school, while she sees hope for him and sets out to make him see it for himself. As they eventually draw closer, thanks to a set of coincidences and school projects they learn more about one another. Kang learns of Choi's terminal disease and does what he can to make her happy. He even tells his lawyer that he would give up his inheritance so he could buy the orphanage for her.
Once during the rehearsal of a play at the school, Kang Jae-kyung notices that the play is actually like the incident that had happened in his life. He recalls a childhood memory of being at the orphanage at Gangwondo, where he had met Eun-Whan and had made a promise to return in ten days. He went to find her and told her that he was unable to fulfill his promise and did not remember his promise or the girl because his parents had died in a car accident on that same day so he erased all his memories of the unfortunate past.
The day of the play came and Jae-kyung asked his classmate a favor to trade places, him as the Colonel rather than the maid. He went to Eun-whan's side and she asked him if he could put on the socks he bought earlier to her. While they were dancing, she felt a sudden pain and went backstage then returned much to Jae-kyung's worry. Eun-whan's mother came to watch the show.
Later, they celebrated the success of the play. The couple sat on the swing, Eun-whan told Jae-kyung "Sarang-hae" (Korean: "I love you.") and that she's sleepy, sleeping for 3 minutes. The first snow came.
On their graduation day, Choi Eun-whan received the Award of Friendship but didn't come as she never woke up, three minutes was over. A white bouquet of flower sat instead her seat next to Jae-kyung's chair. He stayed for a while and walked outside carrying the flowers. His grandpa's lawyer came, congratulated him and told him that the inheritance is his now as of that moment.
Jae-kyung built a house with many windows in memory of Eun-whan. He stated after 50 first snows hit it's windows they will meet again.


8. Innocent Steps    ( Daenseoui sunjeong )




Former acclaimed dancer Na Young-sae (Park Keon-Hyeong) attempts to make a comeback after his opponent, Hyun-soo (Yoon Chan), purposely injures him at a dance competition. At the suggestion of dance studio manager Ma Sang-doo (Park Won-sang), Young-sae then brings to Korea Jang Chae-rin (Moon Geun-Young), an ethnic Korean from China whom he presumes is a renowned, talented dancer. To his surprise, Young-sae learns Chae-rin knows nothing about dancing and her soon-to-be married older sister, Chae-min, is the talented dancer. With only three months until the national dance championship, Young-sae trains Chae-rin, vowing to turn turn her into a world-class dancer.

9.100 Days with Mr. Arrogant   ( My Love Ssagaji )



After being dumped by her boyfriend just before their 100 day anniversary, Ha-Young (Ha Ji-Won) meets a college guy named Hyung-Joon when she kicks a can that accidentally hits him in the face and causes him to scratch his Lexus. He demands she pay him $3000 on the spot. She escapes from him, leaving her wallet behind.
Hyung-Joon stalks her, demanding money to pay for his car. Since she is a poor high school student Hyung-Joon writes up a "Enslavement Agreement" for Ha-Young in order to pay for the damage to his car. Ha-Young is thrown into a nightmarish slave life for 100 days, running his errands, i.e.: cleaning his house, carrying his shopping, and cleaning his car.
By accident she finds out that the damage to Hyung-Joon's car that's only $10! She then takes her revenge. However, before she knows it Hyung-Joon shows up at her house as her new tutor! He once again takes advantage of her, but soon Ha-Young finds herself falling head over heels for Hyung-Joon. But what happens when he drops out of her life just when she needs him most?
The original Korean title can be literally translated as "my love, the asshole," or, more roughly, as "my love, the no-manners".

10.  My Girlfriend Is an Agent   



A Russian organized crime group is set out to steal an advanced chemical weapon from Korea and two secret agents are out to stop them. One is a veteran secret agent named Ahn Soo-ji (Kim Ha-neul) who is a master of all forms of martial arts and envied by her comrades. Another is a rookie named Lee Jae-joon (Kang Ji-hwan) who’s never been out on the field and always goofs up on the job. The two agents don’t know each other’s secret identity. All that they know is that they hate each other. As a couple that is... Soo-ji and Jae-joon were once a passionate couple until Jae-joon couldn’t take her lies anymore. But all Soo-ji was trying to do was hide her secret identity. Nonetheless, the two went on their separate ways and by coincidence bump into each other years later while out on the job. As the two work out their screwy relationship, they go behind each other’s backs to fulfill their mission to save the world.




  1. Nice list!! if u can add this too! 1) my little bride and 2)the cell no 7. worth wacthing :)

  2. I've seen them all and I totally agree with the list. Looking for some really good new ones :)

  3. We managed to create it through the total comedy movies, and it absolutely was exhausting. Doing improv well is already a burdensome expertise. that is why ninety eight % of improv comedy is terrible.

  4. even love 911,love phobia,always(only you) are also worth watching

  5. i already watched 4 still hav 2 watch 6

  6. Everything in this list is awesome that you must watch. Any more recommendation please? I have watched all of these. Thank you for sharing this list I had a great time watching it all.

    1. my mighty princess or the mighty princess something like that but it is a very very wonderful,emotional and interesting movie i bet u would like it

    2. The classic, doremifasolasido, he was cool, love so divine, frivolous wife

  7. haha great choices i've watch most of them my sassy girl 100 days with mr arrogant A millionaire first love but the most lovelly movie i ever seen is my girl friend can see ghosts ( spellbound) i even watched it yesterday maybe for the 15 time looool i adore this movie for son ye jin and every time im mad or in bad mood i watch it <3 . <3

  8. nice pick...... hehehe i watch all of this movies I agree!!!!!

  9. nice great choice

  10. Replies
    1. The classic, doremifasolasido, he was cool, love so divine, frivolous wife
      try it :)

  11. i already watch 200 pounds of beauty and i always repeated . Haha sooooo nice .

  12. list is ok.........but films like daisy,classic and my little bride will make it good better than yours..........

  13. Where did you watch Spellbound? I really want to watch it but unfortunately i can't found full movie of it instead i found trailers :'(

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  15. incredible decisions i've observe a large portion of them my cheeky young lady 100 days with mr presumptuous A tycoon first love however the most lovelly film i ever seen is my young lady companion can see phantoms ( entranced) i even watched it yesterday perhaps for the 15 time looool i worship this motion picture for child ye jin and each time im frantic or in terrible mind-set i watch it comedy movies